Happy hens are happy campers. They also are better egg producers. And when we care for the creatures in our lives, we want the best for them. Our chickens amuse us with their antics so we should do everything we can to keep them from being bored. With that in mind, here are some ideas you may want to try.

— Given the fact that chickens love to peck, try hanging a cabbage in the chicken coop and watch them have at it.

— In the autumn, make a pile of leaves for them to play in. Hiding treats in the leaves provides oodles of fun.

— Get a pine cone, put peanut butter on it, roll in bird seed and hang up.

— Hang old CDs around their coop or run. They love shiny things.

— Who’s the fairest of them all? Place a sturdy old mirror for them to look at themselves. Make sure the glass is tough because you don’t want them breaking the mirror with their pecking. They could cut themselves.

— Chickens also love rotten logs because they can spend hours searching for yummy treats like insects and slugs. You can also spread chunky peanut butter on the log.

— A kong-type toy like your dog plays with is fun for hens, too. Fill with frozen peas and watch them roll it around to get at the treats. An old coffee can will work just as well. Put holes in the can so the goodies will roll out.

— Fruits and veggies will keep chickens entertained for hours. They love grapes and berries. Spread them around so they make a game of trying to locate them. Frozen cranberries cause excitement. A squash cut in two is a pecker’s delight. And a cob of corn is to die for!

— Believe it or not, hens will play ball. Roll a ball and watch the team take off. They will keep you in stitches. Some people hang a tire in the coop for them to play on.

It’s a matter of using your imagination. Try different things to see what your flock likes to do. They will surprise you with what they come up with and will be happier and more contented birds. This is especially good for the kids if they have pet chickens!

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