We all love to accessorise. Whether it’s home decorating, our own wardrobe or yes…even our beloved chicken coops. Accessories just make for a higher quality of life. Chickens are no different!

When you have figured out the basics for building the chicken coop, you’ll want to plan for the accessories. These add to your chicken’s comfort level which brings more fresh eggs. Happy chickens are happy egg-laying chickens. And you’ll be a very happy chicken parent.

Since there are many accessories you can add to your coop which is your preference, we’ll cover the basics because these are important to the health of the hens and the housing.

Accessories To Die For


You’ll want to choose a good chicken feeder for your chicken coop. This gives them easy access to food to make sure they’re eating properly. Naturally this is vital for their overall growth and egg development.

Also look at the specific height you place the feeder in the house as this too can influence how comfortably they are able to get to their food. Consider having a slightly raised feeder so they aren’t able to scratch dirt around and into the feeder.




You can get chicken nesting boxes in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can build them out of many common materials you have around the house such as a large plastic pail or an old wooden box.

The rule of thumb is that you should have one nesting box for every 2-4 hens and they should be relatively dark and cosy inside. It’s also a good idea to build the top of the nesting box on a bit of an angle to discourage them from sleeping on top of the box.


Having a good chicken waterier inside the coop will help make sure your chickens have a good supply of fresh water on a regular basis. Again, just like we need. You can use many items you have right around the house to help cut down on the cost and make it more convenient for you.

If you are building a larger sized chicken coop it will be a good idea to include two wateriers if you can to give your chickens a bit more access to fresh water when they need it. As with the feeders, try to place them so they aren’t able to scratch a lot of dirt into the water.


You must put your chickens on a pedestal. You’ll want to have a good chicken perch for your coop. This will help your chickens to get a good night’s sleep so they are better able to lay their eggs. We know how important rest is!

And have enough perches so the chickens will have their space and not have to fight for room. Make the perches wide enough in the beginning because as the chickens grow, they’ll need more room to sleep comfortably.

You’ll be surprised with how much you’ll grow to love your new family members. These accessories are important for them. Make sure you build a chicken coop with enough room for them to move around and enjoy their living quarters. No overcrowding for your birds. You are not a slum lord.

So have a good time fixing up the chicken coop. Your chickens will love you for it. And if you want to buy chicken coop supplies online, just click on the Chicken Coop source banner on the right of this page. These fine people are the answer to all your dreams! And the dreams of all the chickens!

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