Chris asks…

what size chicken feeder and drinker for 3 chickens?

1st time chicken owner and not sure what kg feeder and what size drinker to get for only 3 chickens?
Edit: They wont be bantams, should be getting light sussex, white leghorn or rhode islands.

chicken keeper answers:

A 1 1/2 kilo feeder would last 3 hens about 4 days, a 5 ltr drinker should be big enough. If you have the room you could go bigger so they don’t have to be filled up so often.

Carol asks…

What paint is safe for a metal chicken feeder?


chicken keeper answers:

Go to a good paint store and ask for child safe paint for metal. They can give you the right product. You can try Home Depot which has some of the best paints on the market. Just tell them what you want it for.

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