James asks…

I made plans for a chicken coop, how many Rhode island reds could go into it with no problem?

Ok I made a chicken coop from a plan for 6 Feet by 9 feet, The coop it’s self is 6 feet by 5 feet. The fenced in area is 4 feet by 6 feet. How many chickens could i fit in it?
Note —- they will be free ranged chickens too… so will not be in the pen part much, they will be roaming my yard

chicken keeper answers:

~The maximum of Rhode Island Red’s in your chicken coop would be 2. You coop is fairly small, but if you already made it I guess you will have to stick with what you have. Since Rhode Island Red’s are skinny hens, you can have about 2 at the max.

~But if you were to have a Buff Orpington, it would be different. Buff Orpington’s are the most common chickens eaten because of their size…which is fairly big. If you plan on getting Buff’s, you need to only get one. Buff Orpington: http://www.rupert-fish.co.uk/includes/images/photos/fillongley/buff_orpington_B.I.S..jpg

~If you had Araucana’s/Americana’s, they are fairly small, only weighing about 1 pound. They are excellent laying chickens, and have green and blue eggs. In the coop you have, you could fit 3 or 4 of the Araucana’s/Americana’s. They are also the sweetest chickens around.

~Barred Rocks are the same as Buff Orpington’s, they are very big chickens but lay very good, big eggs.

Good luck!

Michael asks…

Where can I find free Chicken Coop Plans?

I am the proud new owner of 2 baby chickens. They are only about 5 days old but I want to begin builiding their coop. Only I dont need a big one and I do not want to buy an expensive one. Can anyone out there tell me where I can get a free step by step guide on building a SIMPLE chicken coop?

chicken keeper answers:

Hey Michael,

To build the right type of chicken coop for you, you can find free plans here:


This shows you videos and everything you need to build a chicken coop for your 2 baby chickens (and any more in the future!).

I hope I’ve helped 🙂

Laura asks…

Where can i find free chicken coop plans for about 3 to 6 chickens?


chicken keeper answers:

You can look on line, at


Hope this will help.

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