Carol asks…

What are good hardy backyard chickens that will survive the weather in Nebraska and lay the most eggs?

What breed is best?

chicken keeper answers:

Most chickens are hardy animals and will survive the winter as long as you provide them with proper shelter and keep their water unfrozen. They also do good in warm weather too as long as they have shade and water.

Any of the large brown egg layers are good. Some of the best ones are the ones like Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock, Columbian Rock, Harco Blacks, and New Hampshire are all good choices. They all lay about an egg a day. White leghorns that lay white eggs are really nervous and flighty and not as hardy as brown egg layers are. Hope this helps.

Chris asks…

are my 15 month old backyard chickens too old for us to eat?

will the meat probably be too tough at their older age?

chicken keeper answers:

No they’re fine. There is no such thing as chicken that’s too old or tough. There are however different types of chicken meat according to their ages. The younger ones are known as fryers because they are more tender however the older birds can be cooked with any recipe that involves boiling or baking with liquids that would cause the chicken meat to be more tender. Those are also good recipes for chicken breast as they tend to be dryer than the dark meat.

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