Green Roof Chicken Coop

You can come by some pretty complex and expensive designs for housing chickens if you so choose; if you’re like the rest of us though, you want a functional and pleasing-looking chicken coop for the brood of chickens you wish to raise, but you’d still like to not break the bank for it. Let’s look at some great practices to keep in mind if you happen to fall into the latter category,  and wish to go the DIY route.


Your first step in building a chicken coop to house your chickens would be to scope out the part of the yard where you plan to put it up. Do you want mobile housing for your chickens or do you wish to have a permanent structure, more or less? You want to build a home for them where they can be safe, comfortable, clean and healthy. You should probably plan for a separate feeding and watering device for every four heads of chicken that you will place in that coop. You probably want to build nest boxes around the same time as you build the coop itself. The good thing about having a mobile chicken coop is that you can have it face whatever direction you choose over different seasons. If you would like to have the sun stream in, having a mobile unit can help with your plans to have it face the sun throughout the year.

It’s easy to get all your supplies from secondhand shops. Remember, if you weren’t trying to save money on the nonessential, you would be buying ready-made chicken housing. There are wonderful bargains to be had at the secondhand shops. You’ll need to think of how many chickens you will have, come the right time, and see if you want to allow for it right now. Lumber is the best material to use to make chicken housing. Make sure that you have all the measurements down perfectly before you go and buy any lumber at all.

Always buy lengths of wood that are slightly longer than you actually need them to be. You always need to allow for what you will lose to sanding and other processes. If you find them selling wood with cracks in it, don’t turn your back on it. It shows that the wood is dried out and it won’t warp. And best of all, you can have it at a lower price. Remember, that a well built chicken coop is one that is secure and draft proof. You don’t want your chickens all cold and unhappy. If you want to build a proper structure for housing chickens, insulating everything and caulking all seams will be something you need to take care of.

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