Nobody can call chickens picky eaters! If you’ve decided to raise chickens in the backyard, the least of your concerns will be what to feed them. Because these birds will eat almost anything! I don’t mean that in a bad way but the truth is that they’ll peck at anything you put before them with great gusto.

Meat, vegetables, dog food, whatever…doesn’t matter. They will clean out all manner of insects and worms they can pounce on. So good for the environment. No chemical pesticides needed when you have chickens! (Watch your ankles!)

 The food scraps from your own dinner is a very tasty treat for your birds. Same for peelings. This creatures are very cost-efficient. And cute, too! All you need to worry about are vitamins and boosters. And don’t forget grains.

You can put the chicken feed in a special container or scatter it around. Don’t worry about any of it going to waste. They don’t miss a thing. Hens need calcium in their diet for egg laying. From your local feed store you can buy crushed clam shells. Add to their meal.

The foods I advise are feed, pellets, grains and corn. You can never go wrong with this diet or have to worry about their health. There are foods you should never give to chickens.

Chicken. They don’t want to eat their own kind. Do you? And health problems could develop.

Apples will cause digestive problems if given all the time. Every couple of weeks is fine. But I stay away from them.

Potato peelings. They don’t like the taste of root crops. Neither do I!

Orange peelings are too tough for their systems.

Tomatoes only in small quantities. May affect their droppings. Better to forget about it…

Bananas. They just don’t like them. Hey, I love bananas. Oh well…

So you see, there’s not too much you have to worry about when it comes to feeding chickens. Only one of the reasons you’ll come to love your new feathered friends! They are so easy to look after and love.

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