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I must confess something. When I first came across the term, “chicken tractors”, I pictured a chicken driving a tractor. Then I found out it means portable chicken coops and my imagination of the great American┬áchicken derby had to be squashed.

You may want a mobile coop if you have a small brood. These bottomless coops are on wheels which you can move around your yard. This way your flock always have fresh pasture and new grass has a chance to grow in the used areas. Don’t use chemical pesticides where the chickens will be grazing. It’s toxic to the birds and will pass on to their eggs. Besides, the birds will take care of pest control.

Try to site this coop with the back to the prevailing wind. This way rain can’t blow in through the pop hole or any front-facing windows. Chickens prefer living conditions that offer them shelter and protection from the elements.

You can also get a portable chicken run that have handles at each end. These can be fitted with wheels to make it easy to move them around your yard. There are many benefits to chicken tractors and chicken keepers may decide to keep a small flock just for that very reason.

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