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Questions About Chicken Feeder

Chris asks…

what size chicken feeder and drinker for 3 chickens?

1st time chicken owner and not sure what kg feeder and what size drinker to get for only 3 chickens?
Edit: They wont be bantams, should be getting light sussex, white leghorn or rhode islands.

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Questions About Backyard Chickens

Carol asks…

What are good hardy backyard chickens that will survive the weather in Nebraska and lay the most eggs?

What breed is best?

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Questions About Chicken Breeds

Jenny asks…

chicken breeds?

i have this silver chicken its small i would like to know what breed it is if you know about chicken breeds maybe you could reply sugggesting some breeds it could be


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Questions About Chicken Coops Plans

James asks…

I made plans for a chicken coop, how many Rhode island reds could go into it with no problem?

Ok I made a chicken coop from a plan for 6 Feet by 9 feet, The coop it’s self is 6 feet by 5 feet. The fenced in area is 4 feet by 6 feet. How many chickens could i fit in it?
Note —- they will be free ranged chickens too… so will not be in the pen part much, they will be roaming my yard

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Questions About Caring For Chickens

Michael asks…

Question for a Farmer! How would I go about caring for chickens for eggs?

I would like to get some adult chickens (it sounds like too much work to raise them from when they are little), but I don’t know where to start. I love in Northern Ontario, Canada where the summers are warm and the winters are FREEZING ( sometimes down to -40 c) Obviously I would need a coop and room to run (which I have plenty of) but would I also need to heat the coop?? Any and all help is appreciated!

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Questions About Building A Chicken Coop

Linda asks…

Where to find good chicken coop building tutorials?

Hehe, my hens are going to lay eggs. I thought it’s necessary to build a chicken coop and collect eggs easily. Do u have any recommendation?

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Questions About Chicken Breeds For Eggs

Joseph asks…

Where can I purchase chicken eggs to breed at home?

Its almost summer time and I’m trying to come up with some nice learning activities for my 5 year old daughter. We are in the process of observing catepillars turn into butterflies at home and I wanted to do baby chicks next. Where can I find chicken eggs that I can bring home until they are born and then I can bring them back to a farm?

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Questions About Chicken Feed

Betty asks…

Feeding urban chickens. Looking for healthy alternatives/additions to laying pellets in feed stores?

I’m not too sure about the laying pellets I buy for my much-loved backyard chickens, and I’m trying to cut costs too. I feed mine table scraps, tomatoes, plain spaghetti, oatmeal, collard greens, raisins and grapes, green peppers, strawberries, breads—-whatever I have or can get on sale. Plus worms and crickets and such when I let them roam. BUT I don’t always have this stuff on hand so I’m really looking for a good basic feed or one I can mix myself. I don’t completely trust the chicken feed at my local shop. Any good brands or suggestions on making a feed? Thanks.

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Questions About Chicken Breeds & Pictures

Daniel asks…

How do I know what breed of chicken will hatch from my egg?

My egg is a light brown color, I got it from a friends farm and I`m incubating it with a heat lamp.

I am not a chicken expert so my dad is building an aviary for us and getting more eggs to hatch. First time owning a chicken. Anyway, please give me a good chicken care site.  And a guess on what breed of chicken I may have and a link to its picture.

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Questions About Chicken Tractors

Paul asks…

I need to find good chicken tractor plans. Which are the best?

I wanna raise some chickens cause I thought it would be kind of fun and easy to do. I’ve heard about these chicken tractors to keep them in but I don’t know what the best plans are to build one. Anyone know?

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Questions About Backyard Chicken Coops

Sandra asks…

Chicken coop in backyard as part of Urban Garden?

I live in a small town in northeastern Ohio. We live in the suburbs of the city, and the laws allow us to have chickens. We were planning on having a small coop with maybe five chickens? We were going to add a fence around the bottom of it to allow ample space for them to eat and drink. But in the warmer months allow them to range and run around our backyard. Our backyard isn’t huge but is definately large enough for them to run. We were just wondering what everyone else’s thoughts were? PS: we were planning on our coop looking like this: http://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=34685-new-henstein-castle

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