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Questions About Backyard Chickens

Carol asks…

What are good hardy backyard chickens that will survive the weather in Nebraska and lay the most eggs?

What breed is best?

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Questions About Chicken Coops Plans

James asks…

I made plans for a chicken coop, how many Rhode island reds could go into it with no problem?

Ok I made a chicken coop from a plan for 6 Feet by 9 feet, The coop it’s self is 6 feet by 5 feet. The fenced in area is 4 feet by 6 feet. How many chickens could i fit in it?
Note —- they will be free ranged chickens too… so will not be in the pen part much, they will be roaming my yard

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Keeping chickens affords us with so many benefits that it’s easy to overlook the downside. Predators. Yes, our beloved feathered friends have many enemies. And they are watching. And waiting for the right time to search and destroy.

Now, I happen to love all creatures. I know they, too, have to eat. But when it comes to our chickens, we’d much prefer they not be a part of the menu. So just who are these predators of chickens anyway? Here’s a list… Read the rest of this entry

We all love to accessorise. Whether it’s home decorating, our own wardrobe or yes…even our beloved chicken coops. Accessories just make for a higher quality of life. Chickens are no different!

When you have figured out the basics for building the chicken coop, you’ll want to plan for the accessories. These add to your chicken’s comfort level which brings more fresh eggs. Happy chickens are happy egg-laying chickens. And you’ll be a very happy chicken parent.

Since there are many accessories you can add to your coop which is your preference, we’ll cover the basics because these are important to the health of the hens and the housing.

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You might be thinking it will take a lot of money to build a chicken coop. This doesn’t have to be the case at all. Since you’re already being self-sufficient and “green” by raising chickens in your backyard, you’ll want to continue in the same manner. Recycling where you can!

You can use many different materials in building your poultry sheds. For example: scrap lumber, 50 gallon barrels, renovating an old shed you already have, or other recycled materials. Put your creativity to work.

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Chicken Tractors: Portable Chicken Coops

Chicken Tractor



I must confess something. When I first came across the term, “chicken tractors”, I pictured a chicken driving a tractor. Then I found out it means portable chicken coops and my imagination of the great American chicken derby had to be squashed.

You may want a mobile coop if you have a small brood. These bottomless coops are on wheels which you can move around your yard. This way your flock always have fresh pasture and new grass has a chance to grow in the used areas. Don’t use chemical pesticides where the chickens will be grazing. It’s toxic to the birds and will pass on to their eggs. Besides, the birds will take care of pest control.

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Building Your Own Chicken Coop

chicken coopsA chicken coop is the first thing you’ll be thinking about if you are planning on keeping chickens in your backyard. You’ll want your flock to have a secure and cozy place in which to live.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer or you don’t want to invest in ready-made poultry sheds, roll up your sleeves and prepare to build your own hen house. Even novices can turn out a perfectly well-constructed shed for their new family additions.

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What Makes A Good Chicken Coop?

If you’re thinking of keeping chickens, you can rest assured about one thing. Chickens are easy to take care of. But just like us, they want to live in a house that provides them with protection from predators, nasty weather, and a place to feel comfortable. The hen house must be their “Home Sweet Home”.

If you are thinking about building your own chicken coop, the basics you need to consider are as follows:

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Keeping Chickens

Green Roof Chicken Coop

You can come by some pretty complex and expensive designs for housing chickens if you so choose; if you’re like the rest of us though, you want a functional and pleasing-looking chicken coop for the brood of chickens you wish to raise, but you’d still like to not break the bank for it. Let’s look at some great practices to keep in mind if you happen to fall into the latter category,  and wish to go the DIY route.


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Questions About Building A Chicken Coop

Linda asks…

Where to find good chicken coop building tutorials?

Hehe, my hens are going to lay eggs. I thought it’s necessary to build a chicken coop and collect eggs easily. Do u have any recommendation?

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Questions About Chicken Tractors

Paul asks…

I need to find good chicken tractor plans. Which are the best?

I wanna raise some chickens cause I thought it would be kind of fun and easy to do. I’ve heard about these chicken tractors to keep them in but I don’t know what the best plans are to build one. Anyone know?

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Questions About Backyard Chicken Coops

Sandra asks…

Chicken coop in backyard as part of Urban Garden?

I live in a small town in northeastern Ohio. We live in the suburbs of the city, and the laws allow us to have chickens. We were planning on having a small coop with maybe five chickens? We were going to add a fence around the bottom of it to allow ample space for them to eat and drink. But in the warmer months allow them to range and run around our backyard. Our backyard isn’t huge but is definately large enough for them to run. We were just wondering what everyone else’s thoughts were? PS: we were planning on our coop looking like this:

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