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Questions About Chicken Feeder

Chris asks…

what size chicken feeder and drinker for 3 chickens?

1st time chicken owner and not sure what kg feeder and what size drinker to get for only 3 chickens?
Edit: They wont be bantams, should be getting light sussex, white leghorn or rhode islands.

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Feeding Chickens: Dinner’s Served

Nobody can call chickens picky eaters! If you’ve decided to raise chickens in the backyard, the least of your concerns will be what to feed them. Because these birds will eat almost anything! I don’t mean that in a bad way but the truth is that they’ll peck at anything you put before them with great gusto.

Meat, vegetables, dog food, whatever…doesn’t matter. They will clean out all manner of insects and worms they can pounce on. So good for the environment. No chemical pesticides needed when you have chickens! (Watch your ankles!)

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Getting the Right Chicken Feeders

Have you ever looked at the problem of how to get feed to your chickens in the most efficient and the cleanest way possible? The best chicken feeder is the kind that keeps the feed it stores within safe from the weather, stays free of rust and rot itself, and that hopefully keeps pests like rats that tend to hang around a chicken coop away. This last little requirement – the one where you need to keep the rats away tends to be particularly important. Rats can really scare chickens.

Now as simple as the problem seems, some of the automatic chicken feeders you get on the market can be quite complex with every bell and whistle you could imagine. If you like to keep things reasonably simple, going for a treadle-based chicken feeder should be your best bet. It neatly takes care of all the concerns we have about keeping the mess to a minimum, keeping rats away and being weather proof. Most treadle based chicken feeders are made of galvanized iron – the rain does nothing to them. And since the feeder only puts out a little measure of grain or anything else at one time, rats and other pests have nothing to come in snooping for. They usually hold several pounds of chicken feed at a time, and you rarely have to go fill the feeder up more than a couple times a month.

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