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Questions About Chicken Breeds

Jenny asks…

chicken breeds?

i have this silver chicken its small i would like to know what breed it is if you know about chicken breeds maybe you could reply sugggesting some breeds it could be


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Naturally, the best hen you can own is a healthy bird. Before you buy your chickens, know what to look out for. See my post, “Buying Healthy Chickens Checklist”. Over hundreds of years, many breeds of chickens have been developed. Now you need to choose the breed that best suits your personal situation and tastes.

Light Breeds

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Questions About Chicken Breeds For Eggs

Joseph asks…

Where can I purchase chicken eggs to breed at home?

Its almost summer time and I’m trying to come up with some nice learning activities for my 5 year old daughter. We are in the process of observing catepillars turn into butterflies at home and I wanted to do baby chicks next. Where can I find chicken eggs that I can bring home until they are born and then I can bring them back to a farm?

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Questions About Chicken Breeds & Pictures

Daniel asks…

How do I know what breed of chicken will hatch from my egg?

My egg is a light brown color, I got it from a friends farm and I`m incubating it with a heat lamp.

I am not a chicken expert so my dad is building an aviary for us and getting more eggs to hatch. First time owning a chicken. Anyway, please give me a good chicken care site.  And a guess on what breed of chicken I may have and a link to its picture.

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