You might be thinking it will take a lot of money to build a chicken coop. This doesn’t have to be the case at all. Since you’re already being self-sufficient and “green” by raising chickens in your backyard, you’ll want to continue in the same manner. Recycling where you can!

You can use many different materials in building your poultry sheds. For example: scrap lumber, 50 gallon barrels, renovating an old shed you already have, or other recycled materials. Put your creativity to work.

Wood is the most common material used. Although the priciest, it’s the most durable so it will save you money in the long run. It will withstand the elements and keep your chicks happy and safe.

Then there are the different varieties of wood. These will be considerations to have in mind while coming to your decision. If you are only keeping one or two chickens, you could probably build a smaller coop with recycled timber. A small chicken hutch should do the trick with your poultry housing needs.

Note: When looking for recycled lumber, make sure it’s not treated with any chemicals because these can be very toxic to your chickens and cause respiratory distress.

For many, building a chicken coop becomes a labor of love and nothing but the best will do! I sometimes wish there was a museum of chicken coops. The creativity of some sheds are outstanding. Some are identical miniatures of the owner’s home, some look like folk art, some have tasteful colors and trim. These sheds fit in so well with the landscaping, they truly are works of art!

Just keep in mind the 4 main considerations you must employ in any chicken coop construction…

*** Windows

Windows are the primary light source for your chicken coop. You have to plan before you start to build because you want them in the correct position. Cut the windows in the walls before building the coop. Think which direction will give the most natural sunlight.

*** Predators

Unfortunately there are predators and this will influence the type of design. Whatever plan you use, make sure it addresses the issue so your chickens are safe.

*** Primary Light Source

If you live in a location that doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight, you’ll have to think about wiring in some electrical light. Chickens do not respond well when they are not getting enough light, whether it’s sunlight or electrical light, so find a way to make sure your coop is well lit.

Electrical light can get to be rather expensive so usually it’s better to avoid this if you can, but in some cases that just isn’t possible.

*** Ventilation

This is crucial! For your chickens and for you! The air must stay fresh. Your chickens won’t be any happier in a smelly coop than you would be. Make sure the plans for building a chicken coop address this important issue.

So by keeping the important things in mind and looking for recycled materials for building a chicken coop and you’re well on your way to adding feathered creatures to your family!

To find chicken coop plans that will make your head spin, I strongly urge to check out how to build a “John White” chicken coop by clicking on the pretty little graphic below!

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