“As a backyard chicken trend sweeps the country, hatcheries that supply baby chicks say they can barely keep up with demand. Do-it-yourself coops have popped up in places as disparate as Brooklyn, suburban Chicago and the rural West…a deep current of economic distress underlies the chicken boomlet, as people seek ways to fend for themselves in tough times.”

Once upon a time and generations ago, keeping chickens was a way of life. You had no choice if you wanted to eat. The hen house was part of the landscape. Years passed. The times changed. And the modern people went to places called supermarkets to buy their food. With no thought of how and where the food came to be there in the first place. Those who were still raising chickens were considered odd ducks. Or worse yet, hippies!

Then the times changed again. New catch-phrases were introduced. Words like, carbon footprint, green lifestyle, organic, self-sufficiency, frugal living and anything to do with health. Say what?

Green Roof Chicken Coop

Then the covert operations of stealth chicken farmers grew on the horizon. Very hush, hush you understand. It was the beginning of a revolution. Chicken coops were spotted hidden behind houses. Sheds were being built at an alarming rate. And decorated to blend into the landscaping in order to keep the activity under the radar.

Who are these people? People just like you and me. From all walks of life. Wearing collars of all colors. The ones who went from, “Me? Have chickens in the backyard? I don’t think so!” Fast forward to…”We’re getting chickens! We’re getting chickens!”

Keeping ChickensNow the ultra-modern generation are keeping chickens in rural areas, countrysides, sub-divisions and yes, even the cities. This new farmer of the fowl is a trendsetter. Someone who wants to have fresh, organic food for their family. Somebody who cares about the environment and to whom being “green” is the new way of life.

So the earth’s inhabitants have chosen to come full circle. In the best way possible…

Watch this video to get an overview of what is needed for raising chickens for eggs.